Verb forms and conjugations

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verbs / verb forms

and their individual meanings.

Verbs are words describing an action. Examples are to drink, to hop or to fly.

The term


originates from Latin. The Generator was the word Verbum, whose translated meaning is just word. Savants sometimes still use the term with the meaning of verb.

To define the term verb especially pupil are trained to differntiate verben into three subcategories: condition, process and action verbs. The normal German grammar used in the Duden does not know these differentiations.

Other term for verbs are: do word, action word or time word. Verbs are the only German words that can be conjugated.

The part of speech verb can be divided into strong, weak and irregular.
Verbs can additionally be divided into full verbs and Non full verbs. This is relevant by building the predicate.